Sand Sculpture Festivals

Sand Sculpture Festivals are large outdoor exhibitions. They are built by an international team composed of professional sand sculptors and compacters with a specific theme within a set period of time. On these festivals, artists create large sculptures by team work in accordance with the theme of the exhibition.

Upon our experiences we can say that these kinds of big exhibitions create a huge impact and intensively attract the attention of the public. Anyone facing with a sand sculpture, whatever her/his age, sex and nationality is impressed with its tremendous appearance and its sizes at the first sight. Moreover it is not merely the final product that attracts the interest of people. The production process also attracts immense attention and thousands of visitors and large number of media would like to contemplate and watch this unique event. That is why thousands of visitors want to visit a sand sculpture activity every day during its open.

The building process which starts with the technical preliminary preparation takes about 8 weeks. Following this the park will be opened to visiting of the people. Visitors can visit the sand sculpture festival day and night for a reasonable entrance fee. In day time people watch the works of which their construction is completed, and admire their simple beauty, they make their own sculptures under the direction of the teachers in the places allocated to them, and enjoy the sun and the sand. Nevertheless at nights the festival area takes entirely a different atmosphere. With the torches, special sound and light effects, laser shows, rockets, musical performances, dance shows, theatre etc. the sand sculptures take a magical attraction.

Sand Sculpture Competitions

International sand sculpture competitions are exclusive events bringing together the best master sculptors. In these competitions sculptors make their sculptures according to international standards and rules and regulations within a predetermined period of time. Sculptors invited for competing each other individually or as teams. The winner of the competition is determined by an international jury on specific criteria. The winner is usually rewarded with money. After the competition is finished and the winner is announced the competition area is opened to the visitors and the sculptures of the competitors are exhibited.

International sand sculpture competitions are regulated annually with the purpose of presenting the best sand sculptures to the public.

In these competitions ProSandArt gives assurance that the sculptors will substitute to open and fair evaluation of an unbiased jury on objective criteria, and that the ones who make score will be rewarded by our organization. ProSandArt develops various formats and standards every year for the sand sculpture competitions and activities to be spread out and to become much more extensive. These may change to the conditions and demands offered by the local institutions and organizer funding the competitions.

Corporate Promotional Events and Workshops

Regardless of the artistic impact they create on the viewers sand sculptures also have tremendous effects on the public and the media with regard to promotion and marketing. ProSandArt undertakes the building of promotional sand sculptures in fairs, big shopping centres and in the opening ceremonies and receptions of the institutions and companies. We can produce every sculpture in accordance with your specific promotional, marketing and/or communicative purpose. This requires a creative and specialized approach with regard to both the design of the sand sculpture, the planning of its events and logistic and the promotional and marketing strategy of your organization.

ProSandArt enables the children and the adults to be acquainted with the sand art in a pleasing atmosphere through the daily workshops organized within the sand sculpture festivals. These workshops which are carried out in extremely funny and joyful atmosphere give the opportunity to participants to live extraordinarily unique experiences with the sand and furthermore to gain with the help of the experienced teachers of ProSandArt the special skills such as creativity, cooperation, collaboration, division of labour, planning, strategy development and so on.


Economic and promotional significance

Experience confirms that these events effectively promote the city or region in which they take place. They attract visitors from a huge area, often even from abroad and generate huge spin-off spending partly in the festival itself, but much more in areas such as hotel accommodation, catering services and the retail sector. Each single event creates 60 to 100 jobs.

Beside economic significance, such festivals also generate substantial qualitative effects.
For instance, events develop a certain reputation and they join the country’s larger national events.
They promote the tourist product and attract great attention from national and international media. The promotional media value might reach as high as 6.75 million euros with the show reaching no less than 150 million viewers/readers. This means great promotional value.


ProSandArt events by numbers

In addition to its services offered as organizer and producer in this kind of activities, it also gives full services in concept creation, promotion, marketing, sponsorship management, strategic planning, media planning, etc., in Portugal, as in other countries.

The number of the persons visiting a sand sculpture festival will vary from 75.000 to 400.000 due to the variables and conditions such as the climate, duration and the place where the activity is organized. For instance, in the public activities covering no entrance fee, like the Figueira da Foz International Sand Sculpture Championship 2004, the number of the visitors reaches considerably a high number like 800.000.
Big festivals are usually organized in an area of 15,000 to 20,000 square meters, using 20,000 to 40,000 tons of sand. In the constructing process of the sculptures there is a technical team composed of 30 to 70 professional sand sculptors, a compressing team composed of 20 persons and an assisting technical team that can go up to 10 persons.
Furthermore a production team is required in the technical preparation process, which will vary from 15 to 30 persons according to the extension of the project.

ProSandArt is an organization giving full service in cultural and artistic events and activities.
The number of companies and institutions that contacts ProSandArt, which shares with clients its years of experience and expertness in impact creation of any kind of activity and events, are increasing every day due to the high quality and right approach ProSandArt organization guarantees depending on its long experience in the field.