ProSandArt widely considered among the pioneers of a special sculpting art performing by use of natural materials such as river or sea sand and water is an organization which offers services in the area of international cultural and artistic events and activities.

It was founded with the purpose of promoting and establishing the Sand Sculpting Art to be recognized as an international and professional art form.
By bringing into life many international sand sculpting events ProSandArt has enabled the sand sculpting art and the sand sculpting festivals to be spread widely among many countries in Europe by means of important big projects under which it has signed its name for the last years. Owing to its overall organizations, it has been credited in the eyes of both sand sculptors and local event organizers and producers.

In addition to the cultural and artistic events organized, it offers marketing and PR services for companies and institutions. Kinds of services we offer range from consultancy, concept development and design to special sand sculpting projects having directly promotional purpose. These special sand sculpting projects have been realized and exhibited in product launches, fairs, opening ceremonies, conferences, amusement parks and big shopping centres.

Furthermore it also gives services in the educational area through workshops and seminars it has been continually organizing. With the educational packages and training programs it offers to institutions, it exhorts the talented sculptors to the sand art and through this way, it contributes both to the development of the art of sand sculpting and to the bringing up of new artists. Besides, ProSandArt also organizes pedagogic workshops and seminars for students and company employees.

By renewing its structure and its strategy every day ProSandArt aims to continue to contribute to the development of Sand Art and to maintain its leading role in this field with new creative projects.

Alper Alagöz, the founder and the director of the Sand Sculpture Activities Organization ProSandArt, following his engineering education, has started his active life of sculptor by making sand sculptures in the beginnings of 90s in many places in Europe, promoting the sand sculpture and establishing the Sand Sculpting Art to be recognized as an international and professional art form.